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Creating and Maximizing Your Brand Signature

Why Other People Trust Me

I've helped thousands of  entrepreneurs, coaches and 
professionals elevate their personal brands for visibility, recognition and growth.

I have over 15 years of experience coaching others.

I operate from my passion of serving others through personal brand development and business strategy.


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(if you're looking for another outdated "guru" course, this ain't it). No Fluff!


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Module 1:


What Is Personal Branding

We'll define personal branding and explore some preliminary concepts to provide a foundation

Review the principles of creating your brand signature

Discuss how others perceive and connect with you.

Module 2:


The Importance of Building a Personal Branding

Personal branding is important because it allows you the opportunity to share and embrace your authentic self

Would you like to increase your value, unlock your potential, live in your passion, have more money?

A personal brand is absolutely important, valuable, and necessary. 

Module 3:


Looking In The Mirror

This is the module where the rubber meets the road. The real work will begin.

We'll take an inventory of your current personal brand.

Reviewing the brand lifecycle as your life and prioritties will change over time. 

Module 4:


Putting Your Brand Into Action

You'll unleash the power of personal branding and can begin to reap the benefits.

In this module, the work toward managing and maximizing your brand begins. 

We'll dedicate time and strategically contemplate and develop your next steps and remain engaged.

Module 5:


Maximizing Your Brand Signature

We cover Personal Brand Management 101

Now that you have your unique Brand Signature, let's elevate your influence.

Communicate your identity and put your authenticity to the test.

Pay in full Now for ONLY $997 

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  Regular Price $1997     Limited Time Only $997   


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