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You Are The Brand

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A personal brand is a requirement and not an option in today's environment. The average attention span of an individual is around 8 seconds, that's less than a goldfish. It's important to standout.

A personal brand is your ability to connect and show up in the world to share the value you can deliver. It's the means by which people remember you.


Your personal brand is Your Story, its unique to you and you alone. Without a story, there is no brand, and without a brand, there is no identity. Which is why I am passionate about helping people develop powerful brands so they can articulate their value, live authentically, and stand out for visibility, recognition and connection to create more influence, more customers and more positive outcomes in their life and careers. If you are looking to grow and scale your business or advance your career, look no further!

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BBU | Brand Builders University.

Whether you are a coach, entrepreneur or professional, we have programs to support your success. 
Choose from our exclusive offers to build a brand and business that allows you to break barriers!

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What Clients Say

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Frezewd (Frae) kazmierczak

President of Global Quality Consultant

Yolanda helped me open my eyes wide open about personal branding. This was neither a subject I was very familiar with nor comfortable with. She took me outside my comfort zone and the result was rewarding. At times, I wondered why I paid her to make me work so hard. Well, she helps you find yourself and your true strength and areas that need improvement. That requires active participation. She does not stop until your goal is achieved and she is not afraid to push you to the next level. It was well worth it for me. I recommend her to anyone, especially to startup leaders that need effective ways to tell their story and take their business to the next level.

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 Brand Domination Masterclass

In the “Brand Domination” masterclass, Yolanda M. Smith, personal branding expert and business strategist shares three key secrets to unlock your potential so you can dominate in your industry.


  • How to craft a brand that demands attention and resonates with your target audience

  • How to create an unbreakable emotional connection with your customer

  • How to leverage social media to amplify your brand reach and influence

  • How to monetize your brand and unlock lucrative opportunities

  • And much more!


So, if you want freedom to work your own hours and to control your life, while being visible and making predictable income, we're going to cover how you can unleash the power of your personal brand and create high value offers that convert.


“Through Personal Branding, You Control How Others See You.”

Yolanda M. Smith

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