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Branding 4 Success

Branding 4 Success, LLC (B4S) is a business consulting, coaching and professional development company specializing in branding and strategic services for organizations, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs. We empower teams and individuals to develop a powerful brand for business growth and career advancement. B4S collaborates with organizations to ignite employee engagement through professional development, and assists teams in creating a strong brand identity to influence cross-functionally and deliver positive results. Through our replicable system, you create a powerful Brand Signature to articulate your value and stand out for visibility and recognition to achieve optimal results.


In the digital age, the brand you build around yourself and your organization is perhaps the most important way to stand out. Today it is all about the relationship you have with others, online and offline. Personal Branding is the intersection between perception and reality and you, as the entrepreneur of your brand, must own it.


If you don’t tell your story, someone else will, and that is risky. B4S helps you lead with your voice and unlock your potential and influence by creating and maximizing a powerful personal brand.


Yolanda M.  Smith is a personal branding

expert and success coach available to book for

speaking, masterclass workshops and coaching!

Named by the INC Magazine as one of

"The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022". 


“Yolanda helped me develop the confidence to bring my authentic self to everything I do! I have experienced more success in my life, and I am happy. It was an incredible breakthrough."

- Lisa M.

“So inspiring and motivating! Yolanda has the “it” factor and engages the audience with real world practical advice on Personal Branding.”

- E Walton

Reputation To Reward


In Reputation to Reward, Yolanda inspires you to achieve your best by helping you create a brand signature that will allow you to earn more, lead more and win more. Through her replicable Brand Signature formula, you can gain power and influence to achieve the rewards you desire.


Whether you are a corporate professional or entrepreneur, she helps you level-up by taking you on a brand journey from concept to action, coaching you every step of the way to achieve mastery of your personal brand.


You will be able to live authentically, articulate your value and stand out to get the recognition, visibility, promotion, relationships, clients and following you deserve.

“Through Personal Branding, You Control How Others See You.”

Yolanda M. Smith