Brand Assessment Survey


What do people say about you when you leave the room?

Find out with 360Reach, the leading personal brand survey used by nearly a million people worldwide.

Professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide are using 360Reach to help them understand others perceptions of their personal brand so they can ensure how they perceived their brand is how others see it, and if not, take the necessary actions to develop a powerful personal brand to achieve their goals including:

  • Get promoted

  • Grow your business

  • Be a leader and influencer

  • Get Recognized for your expertise

  • And much more, depending on the reward you desire

360 Reach is used by leading universities and institutions to help their employees build a brand of significance. A strong personal brand provides a competitive advantage in today's market and getting candid feedback from the people that know you, helps you keep a pulse on your brand. With the 360Reach tool, you can get feedback from managers, colleagues, employees, peers, mentors, family and friends, even using LinkedIn and Facebook to survey your connections. It's that easy and anyone with an email can be invited to participate.


Investment $997: Includes 3 coaching sessions, 360Reach Survey, action commitment planning and 3-day check-in)


Additional sessions available at reduced hourly rate of $225 for continuing clients or enroll in a coaching package within 30 days and receive a $997 credit toward the package.

Customized Coaching Packages


Why Join My Coaching Program?

Branding 4 Success coaching programs are tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a current or aspiring leader, skilled professional, coach or entrepreneur, we begin with a discovery session to understand your goals and desired outcomes. Using the validated 360Reach personal brand survey, you will gain valuable insights into how others perceive you, uncovering your most prominent attributes and strengths, while identifying blind spots that may be hindering your effectiveness or career progression.

As your personal coach, I will guide you through my Brand Signature  formula to develop a powerful personal brand to confidently articulate your value, live authentically and stand out. We will engage in focused transformative techniques and reflective strategies to arm you with actionable insights and skills to position you for the recognition and growth you desire. I will be there to support, empower and challenge you every step of the way. 

Out Of The Gate
3 Months
Ahead Of The Game
6 Months
Winning In Business
12 Months
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Get Started
Next Level
Brand Mastery

6 x 60-minute coaching sessions

Develop your Brand Signature 

Analyze results from the 360 Reach brand survey 

Gain clarity on the importance and power of a strong personal brand.

Identify key strategies and actions to position you for success

Everything in Out Of The Gate

11 x 60-minute coaching sessions

Get tips to maximize your 

Brand Signature 

Create a digital blueprint including social media and content planning

Everything in Ahead Of The Game

12 x 90-minute coaching sessions

Craft an intensive, high-touch customized plan to ensure mastery of your Brand Signature 

Gain insight into your leadership style and behavior

Comprehensive brand consultation (logo, website, & brand colors.)

Create strategy plan to manage through a crisis 

Focus on key insights including situational leadership, reputation management, emotional intelligence, executive presence, and work-life balance.

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